“The contribution which an organised and living Europe can bring to civilisation is indispensable to the maintenance of peaceful relations … A united Europe was not achieved and we had war. Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity”.

(Robert Schuman, Declaration of 9 May 1950)

What is If No(w) Europe?

There is a pressing need to think about the crisis of Europe. We have to spell its real causes and we must put forward and share sensible proposals for a Europe of the people. We must analyse the present to design the future.

Why a Wikiseminar?

We look for an exciting, quick paced seminar, where women and men think about a common Europe and come forward with ideas, projects and hopes. A different, practical and grassroots Europe, to be argued proudly and fiercely. We want to discuss on facts, like understanding the strategic faults of the coming earthquake in Europe.

Time is running out, we need to think, but even more to launch initiatives that will restart positive dynamics.

What can you do?

Visit the site  www.noweurope.eu and you will find not only a quick and essential interpretation of the present crisis, but also eight practical proposals to reset Europe. Take part to the debate, add your comments on the situation and on the different proposals. We would like to collect and organise all the posts in a position paper, in order to continue a structured and purposeful thinking.

We need just a bit of your time and brains and a lot of your sentiment for Europe.

We have a dream and we want it back.